General information
Ht.is is the online store for Heimilistæki, where you can purchase all products imported by Heimilistæki. If you need any assistance to browse though our portfolio please do not hesitate to contact us at sala@ht.is or by phone in 569 1500 during normal opening hours.
Company profile
The company was established on 22nd of september in 1962 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. The main focus of the company from the beginning has been import and distribution of consumer electronics and home appliances. The company does also import various other products such as public signage products, baby products and various household articles. The company has grown to become one of the largest importers and distributors of white goods, brown goods and small domestic appliances with sole agency for many brands including Whirlpool, Philips, Kenwood, DeLonghi, Beko, Nikon, Casio and a number of other
Heimilistæki Ltd. Operate a 1200m2 retail shop in central Reykjavik, six retail outlets on the countryside of Iceland and a 3000 m2 warehouse. Furthermore the company has a well established and extensive wholesale distribution network around Iceland with distribution to electronic stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and various other stores and companies.
Product range includes: Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Microwave ovens, Cookers, Cooker tops, Ovens, Ventilators, Cooling centers, Mini Kitchens, Refrigerators, Freezers, Chest Freezers, Irons, Vacuum Cleaners, Coffee Makers, Kettles, Blenders, Toasters, Food processors, Mixers, Electric Shavers, Hair care products, Body Care products, Television, Video Recorders, DVD Players and Recorders, Hifi system, High-End audio products, Speakers, CD Portables, Portables, Cameras, Clock Radios, Radios, Headphones, Car Audio, Videotapes, Racks and furniture, Connections, Cables and Dictaphones.
Heimilistæki Ltd.
Registration number: 470400-3070
Vat number: 75484
Sudurlandsbraut 26
P.O. Box 5200
125 Reykjavik
Telephone +354 5691500
Telefax +354 5691501


Heimilistæki is one of the strongest companies in Iceland 2016. Creditinfo has completed a detailed analysis, which displays Icelandic companies that have achieved top marks in its strength and stability assessments.

Of the 33,000 companies registered in the Icelandic Company Directory, only 577 pass the conditions set by Creditinfo in order to receive the award of being one of ´Iceland´s Strongest Companies´.

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